Have you ever looked at someone and wondered how they have become the success you see today? Many people will say that success is luck and the person they are admiring happened to be at the right time and place to be so successful. That could not be further from the truth. Success comes from the decision to keep trying because the DESIRE to succeed is so great. The VISION of what they want to see happen for their life keeps them trying until they succeed.

From the first time I met my brother in law, John, he had a desire to do and be more. He had an entrepreneurial spirit and was willing to try new ventures in hopes that one day he would have the financial success he desired. John owned a food truck in the early days of his entrepreneurship , then he owned a bakery. What he didn’t love about those jobs is that it kept him away from his family too much of the time. He was in the wrong vehicle. Trading time for money and he was giving up too much time for the money earned. He then decided to go to work as an employee so that he could have set hours to work and more time for his family. That worked fine until the economy crashed and he lost his job. That was when It Works was introduced to him as a vehicle to grow a business of his own and pursue that entrepreneurial spirit that had been dormant for a while. Owning his own business was truly what his heart desired.

As I work with many people throughout my industry of network marketing I come across a lot of people like John, who have that will to make a better life for themselves. They can see the vision of how they can get to where they desire to be, they just never seem to get there. Some people even bounce from company to company thinking if they can only find the “right company” they will surely hit the big time. What they fail to see is that what keeps them from the success they desire in their current company is oftentimes their lack of commitment, their grit and the consistent actions necessary for success. Without those ingredients the big success will always be out of reach. You just need to keep shooting until you score.

I love this photo because it shows the determination of my brother in law , John. You can see he has his eye on the goal……He is going after his goal with fierce determination and if he missed this shot, you can be sure he was going after it again, until he got the ball in! I have learned so much from him throughout the past 3 1/2 years I was blessed to work alongside him. Life is all about taking chances. When opportunities present themselves you have to say “YES” to them in order to change the way things currently are in your life. You need to keep shooting till your skills improve and you have to go after it with fierce determination! What shift in your mindset needs to happen for you to go after your goals, your dreams like this?? Its up to you………you can sit on the bench and not even take the shot, you can take a shot or two, miss and then get out of the game, or you can DECIDE today, you are going to keep on shooting till you get where you desire to be!
DESIRE to succeed is so great