Are you fed up with walking around tired, overweight and unhappy? Is your goal for this year to FINALLY take charge of your health? There are some things you might not know that are actually sabotaging our weight loss.

Did you know that being alkaline is important for WEIGHT LOSS? It’s true! The more acidic your body is the harder it is to release weight. Many people focus on calories in/calories out ONLY and there is more to the weight loss equation.

Here is a quick guide to keeping your body ph balanced!
#1 DRINK plenty of FRESH WATER! ~ Water is the MOST CRITICAL ingredient to weight loss. Water is the quickest way to flush toxins out of your body plus speed up your metabolism. I suggest half your body weight in ounces of FRESH clean water a day!

#2 Avoid/Use sparingly, coffee, tea, soda other acidic drinks~ These drinks might not add a lot of calories but do alter the ph balance of your body. Remember an acidic body holds weight and is sluggish because the acid gets stored in your FAT CELLS. Do you have some fat cells you would like to shrink? This is a good place to start!

#3 Avoid foods with preservatives, food coloring, additives~ Your body was not designed to digest these CHEMICAL substances so just like the problem with Acidic foods/drinks you body will store these chemicals and substances away in your FAT CELLS. Remember we are not just talking calorie in here. It is the KINDS of calories you are digesting that matters. This is where fresh water is critical. This gives your body a chance to flush these chemicals out/not store them. Eating or drinking these types of foods AND not drinking tons of water is a recipe for weight gain. It also creates cholesterol to neutralize these acids which can be one contributing factor to high cholesterol. It pulls calcium from your bones and bleaches iron from your red blood cells leading to potential risk for anemia. The list goes on as far as the dangers to these types of foods.

#4 Avoid Artificial Sweeteners ~ Do you use NutraSweet, Sucralose, Aspartame, or Saccharin? Most people trying to lose weight wish to cut down on sugar so reach for these substitutes. Not only do these products create a severe ACIDIC environment for your body making it harder to lose weight but research shows these chemicals harm health and can cause cancer. The only form of low calorie sweetener researched and deemed safe is Stevia which is derived from a plant not chemicals.

#5 Always have cut veggies and nuts in fridge ~ If you fail to plan your PLAN TO FAIL. We are going to be fighting cravings along our weight loss journey. WE ARE going to get hungry and look to snack. The best way to avoid poor food choices is to have healthy alternatives prepared in advance. Once that hunger pain hits, you have a nutritious snack waiting for you! Many people can not tell the difference between hunger pangs and the need for hydration. When you feel the need to grab something, first drinks 8 ounces of water to see if it is in fact the need for hydration.

#6 Make a Huge salad every 3 days~ Ever come home from your busy day STARVING and you still have to cook then you BINGE EAT? This is one of the BIGGEST PITFALLS to our weight loss. We grab something quick and often it is not a good choice. If you have a salad instead you will satisfy that hunger and not sabotage your hard work all day! ONE BIG tip I have for people looking to lose weight is to eat a BIG salad with meals to fill up and consume less calories. PUT IT IN A BOWL and have it ready to eat as soon as you walk in. Make sure to make healthy choices for toppings and salad dressings here!

#7 BREATHE~ go for walks outside, take in fresh air at least 10 minutes each day. Concentrate on taking in slow deep breaths then exhaling slowly. Did you know that proper breathing can be an alkalizer? The more oxygen you get into your body , the better your body will function and the more energy you will have. Breathing is actually one of the best ways to alkalize your body and dispose of fat! Who knew??!!

#8 Combine the right fresh foods~ Did you know that some healthy foods you are eating could make you FAT? Anything that is acidic or toxic will force your body to work overtime,parking the acidic waste in your fat cells, producing more cholesterol, and leeching your much needed minerals to neutralize the acids. If the foods you eat are not eaten properly, it can cause them to spoil right in your stomach producing acids and toxins your body has to go to work to clean up. Carbs need an alkaline environment to digest properly in your system and are broken down in the lower intestine. Proteins on the other hand need a more acidic environment and are mainly broken down in the stomach. When you eat both together you prohibit proper digestion and these foods can actually rot in your gut. Every hear of acid reflux?? Take a look at the combinations of foods you ate prior to your reflex. Separating out protein/carbs during the day with different meals and not adding fruit to meals but eating them separately is a GREAT way to help your body digest what you eat more efficiently and losing weight as well!

#9 AVOID stress and learn to handle stress better~ Anger, fear and anxiety typically cause a complete shut down of your digestive system. That means the elimination of toxins STOP! Worry and fear can also create extra stomach acids. The combination of undigested food/toxins and extra acid is NOT GOOD. The more toxins you create in your body, the more your body will work to park them in your fat cells…….MAKING YOU MORE AND MORE FAT! When stressful situations occur you can choose to avoid it by asking yourself, ” will this matter in my life in 10 years? ” If not…….you can CHOOSE to not stress over it and let it go. During difficult situations ask yourself, “what can I learn from this?” This will automatically get your mind to look positively at a negative situation and become less stressed. I have also found that the It works Confianza is a natural way to combat daily stress which will in fact help your weight loss!

#10 Buy and Use Top Quality GREENS powder~ I saved the BEST for last! This product has helped my clients the MOST with their weight loss goals in just a few weeks and it is the easiest to adapt to your daily routine. As you can see your body is constantly FIGHTING to keep the delicate balance of PH. So much of what we do or don’t do will be making it harder on our body. To do this your body needs the minerals , vitamins, trace elements, and phytonutrients it can get. Unfortunately we do not get all we need in our diets. We need to supplement our diets. Regular vitamins DO NOT provide the things you need. You need a natural GREENS product derived from organic sources. Just two scoops a day or one ON THE GO packet can start to give you amazing results especially when you add them to all of the tips I outlined for you today. To purchase your GREENS click on this link ~

Living a PH balanced Life will not only help you achieve the weight goal you set for yourself, It will also help create a HEALTHIER YOU!

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