This weekend over 20,000 people came together in Tampa Florida to celebrate an amazing 2015 year at It Works Global and set the stage for MORE in 2016. Friendships, Fun and Freedom has never looked or felt SO GOOD! It was such an exciting feeling to be a part of something so special. We are looking to help people get and stay healthy both physically and financially while GIVING BACK MORE in 2016! We are so blessed to be a blessing!

A NEW Natural Cleanse product was announced which will complete our ” It works System” and SUPERSIZE your weight loss goals with natural products. A new WRAP APP was launched to help our customers get “That Crazy Wrap Thing” in their hands and get step by step instructions on just how to use this product to get the best possible results! This App is such an exciting piece of technology that will take all the guess work out for our customers and new distributors.

I was blessed to bring a bunch of my team along to ONE CONFERENCE this year. I am so proud of those that said YES to conference as soon as it was announced because it SOLD out in just a few days. They had a bias for action and were rewarded with this life changing event. It Works Global is growing and going places. We are just getting started and those that hesitate moving forward will miss out. My biggest encouragement to anyone who is with us or looking at us would be to JUST SAY YES and then work harder than you have ever worked in your life NOW to change not just your life but the lives of those you share this with.

The BIGGEST ANNOUNCEMENT was saved for last which brought a lot of tears to the eyes of those drowning in debt! From now till Feb 29, 2016 we have HUGE CASH GOOD ( get out of debt) BONUS’S that start at $1,000, $2,000, $20,000, $30,000, $50,000,$100,00 and end at an incredible $150,00! We are changing lives and helping people GET OUT OF DEBT. Those that have been praying for life to change have got the perfect storm here to take them right where their heart desires to go. All you need to do is SAY YES and get started!
I have chills when I THINK of the lives that will be impacted this year all because of this life changing event and the announcements released at it. Helping others one heart, one home, one family at a time!


ItWorks Kim Haber New Jersey