Want to know more about the products It Works! Global has to offer?  Why not hear all about them from REAL PEOPLE?

“I can’t believe the difference Profit has made in my life. I had been taking protein shakes for 4 years and thought I was doing something good for myself. After only 6 months on Profit, my doctor said my good cholesterol is “off the charts” and my blood work is “enviable”. Not to mention it makes me happy! :) It has an antioxidant blend of mood-elevating “superfoods” added to make your feel good, naturally.” — Melissa Rice

“On cold winter days my skin would crack open, bleed, and throb with pain. Then I started using the Defining Gel and the difference was unbelievable! I cannot say enough about how much this product has improved my life. I love it!” — Jessica Whiteman


“The Greens have changed my nine-year-old’s life! Since starting on them in October, she has run 4 5K’s, played an entire season of basketball and is feeling better than she ever has!! The Greens have been a blessing to her and our entire family!” — Jen Qarmout


“Greens! I absolutely adore this product. I take the Orange Greens every morning with apple juice. I no longer drink energy drinks because Greens gives me a great amount of energy! This product is truly a blessing and I am so happy I got it!” — Hannah Cahillan


“Drinking the Greens, I had cut down from 6 cups to 1 or 2 cups a day. I didn’t even notice, and not one caffeine withdrawal headache for either of us.” — Angelica Miller

“I LOVE THE GREENS! I have battled autoimmune type symptoms for 10 years and had been tested for every autoimmune disease with no answers. I believe it had been a result of stress and tragedy taking a toll on my body. I have struggled tremendously with energy and sustaining a normal energy level. I have tried EVERYTHING in the past to help. I had been juicing for 5 months before trying the Greens and felt a bit better, but did not have the energy I was seeking. After two weeks of being on the greens I was driving home from work and it occurred to me that I was AWAKE — I mean really awake for the first time after work in over 10 years. I found I was no longer seeking caffeine or chocolate to get me through the last leg of my day. Since then I have noticed a decrease in my food cravings, I am sleeping better and just feeling better than I have in over a decade. Greens have truly changed my life and I will NEVER go a day without them!! :)” — Jennifer Peruso

“My absolute favorite product is the Greens. I have had some serious issues with my stomach. Between ulcers, kidney stones, acid reflux, my stomach was a huge mess. For a while nothing would soothe me unless I was on several medications. I wasn’t able to eat pasta or anything spicy, without getting sick. If I didn’t wake up and immediately eat, I’d be sick for the rest of the day. After a few days on the product, I went medication free and have been for a year now. Since then, using some of our supplements I’ve lost 50 pounds. I feel better than I ever have before.” — Caity Mets


“The Greens has probably had the biggest impact in my life and just may have saved it a time or two! I used to get, not only a slump at three o’clock everyday, but just about went into a coma like state. I was actually physically fighting to keep my eyes open and not fall off my chair…every single day. Since taking Greens everyday I have a steady sustained normal level of energy all day.No stimulants or caffeine involved, just Greens. I had almost fallen asleep driving home on several occasions but NO MORE! I just LOVE the new Berry flavor too!~ ” — Susan Walsh

“I was struggling to lose the weight that I had gained going through menopause for months prior to introducing the “Fit Pack” into my life. Once I started with these products, I was able to lose 15 lbs and more importantly I have kept it off for over a year now with continued use! I’d be lost each morning without my ProFit shake and Greens! I’m a busy Mom and I used to skip breakfast often. Now I blend and go! My favorite recipe is one scoop of Chocolate ProFit, two scoops of berry Greens, frozen strawberries and almond milk mixed in a blender with a few ice cubes — YUMMY!” — Kim Haber

“Confianza! The best for a breath of fresh air! 20 minutes after taking this product it is a feeling of a 1000 pounds lifted off my shoulders! I call it my Eeyore pills! Instead of a crazy lunatic response to my 3 wonderful children (2 of which took permanent markers to my wall), I simply said “oh my ok so you colored the walls I will have to get the magic eraser and we will see if that will come off! Even my husband says the way I deal with situations is soooo different!” — Moire Reilly

“I love a lot of the products, but recently bought the Confianza for my son to help him focus on his studies. He had a huge paper due and couldn’t focus with the weather being so nice outside! I gave him one Confianza and told him to wait about 10 mins. He came downstairs 30 minutes later and was so excited. He had written 400 words in 10 mins! He used it to study for his exams to help himself focus and he can’t believe how much they helped him!” — Rhonda Brzozowiec

“I have a very high-energy, stressful (but joyful) job as a kindergarten teacher. I was seriously considering taking prescription medication to help my anxiety, but all that changed when I started taking two Confianza every morning! Confianza keeps me calm, focused, and helps me stay positive everyday!” — Ashley Lemma

“I have recently started taking Confianza to help battle the stress that we all experience and I have to say I felt a difference in as little as 4 days. My life isn’t any less stressful, I am just able to handle it with a lot more ease. Thanks to It Works! Global I don’t dread each day!” — Susan Walsh

“I love confianza for so many reasons! First, since turning 40 I suffered from panic attacks and severe anxiety. I used to have to take Xanax but always hated the fact that I never felt like myself with the side effects. I tried Confianza and have not had any panic attacks and I love the fact I feel like me again. I have also succeeded in quitting smoking for 6 months, but I could not use any of the prescription drugs to help because of the side effects. I have used Confianza for the stress and anxiety of quitting.” — Jennifer Piscop

“With the wraps I kickstarted my quest to a healthier lifestyle and I will actually wear a bikini this summer! I haven’t done that since 2000.” — Melanie Vilardo

“Being introduced to the Ultimate Body Applicators (Wraps) has changed my life! As an overweight person most of my adult life, I had pretty much given up! I’d tried everything short of surgery! However, after seeing the results from my 1st wrap I had HOPE like I had never had before!! When I looked in the mirror I could barely believe it… I could see a remarkable difference! My skin was smoother, tighter and my stretch marks had faded. At that moment something clicked in my brain! Now I had HOPE that if I was to lose weight…I wouldn’t have to deal with my loose skin. Since then, I have used several more wraps and many of our other products with great results. I love It Works! and the other amazing products that are helping me and so many other people along the way! ” — Helen Williams

“New You is my new most recent LOVE. Why you ask? Since taking it, I have never slept better and had more mental focus, not doing anything differently! It’s only been about 3 weeks of taking it and I am LOV-ING it!!!!!” — Liz Enter

“I have to say that the Ultimate Thermofit is my favorite although I love everything I have tried!! Having some medical issues that prevent me from working out, I had almost lost hope of ever losing weight. So happy to have found a product that ACTUALLY does what it says it will.” — Susan Walsh

“I have an addiction to candy. I need it every hour of every day. If I don’t have it, I do everything I can to get it. After being on Thermofit for 2 days, my cravings were gone! Not just diminished, but GONE! I didn’t need to snack between meals and I was satisfied after each one. This has been a miracle in my weight loss journey because every diet I have started, I quit because of binging after a week or two. It has been 25 days on Thermofit — no binging, no overeating, and LOTS of energy! I love it!” — Jenny Krauklis