What Kim’s leaders have to say about being part of her team.

“I have been a member of Kim’s team since Mar 2013. It has been a positive, uplifting, experience. I feel I am on one of the most successful teams in It Works Global. Kim leads from the front and is a great teacher !! She challenges us, has faith in us and gives us the tools and knowledge to take our own teams to higher levels. I never feel left out and if I ever need help or even an encouraging word, she is there. She has helped me to grow my faith in Christ also, which is one of the main reasons I love this company. I look up to Kim and hope to be as successful as she is one day.”
Susan H, Port Saint John Fl.
“I am honored to be a part of Kim’s team. I am always learning from her by listening to her calls , growing in every way and following her lead. I truly believe that God put Kim in my life for a reason. How incredibly lucky I am to have such an amazing, successful and genuine leader in her x2!!!”
Sarah S., Myrtle Beach South Carolina
“When I first started with Kim on this journey, almost 2 years ago, I was just excited to fit back into my clothes after having my fourth baby. Little did I know that this little side business would spill over an effect every part of my life. Under Kim’s leadership I have grown into a leader myself~ and not just for my team but for my family as well. Positive, Godly, leadership is what the world lacks. I am blessed everyday to walk and work alongside one of the most amazing leaders I have ever met.”
Melissa R, Hillsborough NJ
“Being a part of Kim’s leadership is an “experience.” She will lead you to places you’ve most likely never been….emotionally, spiritually and physically…I have been transformed (and continue to be a work in progress) under her leadership and have grown in all of these areas. She is an Amazing Christ-centered leader.”
Liz E, Nicollet MN
“I am so very grateful and blessed to be a part of Kim Haber’s team! She pours so much love, encouragement, and support into her team! With her leadership, guidance and friendship, I have had tremendous personal, as well as spiritual growth! I know GOD has put her in my path to help me change my life and the life of my family”.
Cindy G , Plainfield CT
“I feel so blessed to have found It Works! If not, I may never have met Kim. She is not only my Presidential Diamond Executive Leader, I feel honored to call her a friend! Although we have only known each other a short time, I feel so close to her. She is an amazing leader who has a servant heart. She mentors and trains her team 24/7 and I would not have the drive I have for our products and opportunity if it was not for her. She is knowledgeable about the business, the how to’s, what to do’s and what not to do’s. Thank you Kim for your continued leadership!”
Denise T, Wesley Chapel Florida