“I know without a shadow of a doubt that God has been preparing me for this business ,with THIS company, my entire life.” (Esther 4:14) I remember so clearly the day I clicked on the Facebook post about that Crazy Wrap Thing . I felt a stirring inside of me that has only grown bigger the more I journey down this It Works! road. The BEST PART is I know we are just getting started!!

It Works! came to me at a time that I was about to lose my job with a company I loved because of our struggling economy. At my darkest hour, God closed that door and opened this window of opportunity for me. To say my life looks completely different IN TWO SHORT YEARS as a result of my choice to begin a network marketing business with It Works Global! is the understatement of the year.

My family’s health has been greatly improved, our financial future is amazingly bright and we have a new found freedom because of this financial abundance which gives us the opportunity to GIVE BACK more than we have ever been able to before. What makes this even more amazing is we get to share this blessing with others that are truly making LEGACY changes for their family as well. Helping others reach their full potential while keeping God and their families first is what I am most passionate about. We truly can have it all!

My passion for people coupled with my passion for complete wellness makes It Works! a perfect vehicle for me to share my gifts with others and help them develop themselves to be all that they can be. The philosophy I continually strive for is complete wellness……..Mind, Body and Spirit. What we feed our minds, what we believe to be true has such a great impact on how we live our lives. How well we nourish our bodies to be the healthiest it can be determines the quality of life we get to live. How well we feed ourselves spiritually will determine the peace we live in……..or not. Being a part of my team will encourage you to develop in all of those areas so that you too can live your BEST LIFE now!!

Kim Haber is an entrepreneur and  personal / professional development coach with It Works Global. With 15 years experience her passion is Christ centered leadership and coaching women to have a balanced , fruitful family and work life while keeping their health a top priority.  A Professional network marketer who excels in multiplying leadership through discipleship, team building and cultivating relationships.  Her ministry is in coaching women and young girls  to create their identity in Christ to develop the legacy leader within.  Kim resides in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters.  


️ I have been going back and forth about making this post for some time now and finally decided today is the day to go for it in hopes it will bless someone. Those that know me , know i am not one to throw myself out there like this.

 2.5 years ago I battled an unknown illness for 7 months that controlled my life as I knew it. I was riddled with seizures , brain fog , cognitive decline , muscle loss , lack of energy and headaches.  At the end of 7 months without answers it was finally determined I had viral encephalitis. I came in contact with a virus that attacked my brain.  Recovery was slow but after 1 1/2 years I was out of the woods and MOST of my faculties returned. What was left was short term memory decline and some slowing in both sides of my brain.

In October of 2017 I decided to go KETO. My main focus was to heal the brain and recover completely. My second focus was to gain energy to be able to get back in the gym and lose the weight I gained through my illness , plus put on muscle again.

The first week I started drinking Keto Coffee I noticed improvements my brain function and clarity because of the healthy fats I started my day with. I also noticed I had tons of energy.  It was tough to retrain my brain to eat 75% fats in my diet when for years i had been told the key to health was a low fat diet.  The crazy part was that as I did eat those healthy fats, i felt amazing.  I am happy to report I feel as if I no longer have short term memory loss.  I can’t wait till next fall when i get my next brain scan.

Weight started falling off and within a few weeks I was back at the gym working out 5x a week, feeling amazing!!!

Keto was the key for me to regain the vitality I had prior to being sick and I honestly have not felt this good in years.  This will be a lifetime way of eating for me.

My progress is not only internal but I’ve lost 14 pounds to date , numerous inches and I am building muscle again at 52 years old !!

If you are feeling as if you wish you could lose weight , gain more energy , have more focus and brain function , better mood , better sleep and an over all better quality of life let’s chat !  I’m putting together a 90 day Keto Group to coach others along this journey starting June 1st. If you are serious about change and will follow my instructions I know you will see change.

I’m so thankful I said YES to Keto.  The more I research the many health benefits to a Keto lifestyle the more I fall in love with it. ️